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Our professional and friendly roof spray foam removal teams have the expertise and understanding to properly complete all of your spray foam removal requirements. This is thanks to their many years of skilled experience removing spray foam across the UK. With a complete dedication to the highest customer service levels you have nothing to lose by getting a completely FREE survey so we can assess what’s needed for your property and offer you a completely bespoke cost based on your needs.

Did you know what we do can be hazardous so we are a spray foam removal company that takes the steps to ensure we show that we care about our customers and our staff, we take health and safety seriously, which is why we make sure that every member of our team has received the necessary training and complies with all applicable UK laws. We also have spray removal teams that are fully trained and vetted to ensure we only give a roof insulation removal service that you will be proud of.

Whatever your spray foam removal needs are, whether a little cottage, large detached house or an industrial premises our team will leave the project mess free and ensure your happy before we are finished. Each roof spray foam removal project is priced individually to give you the best possible price and we also communicate regularly to make sure you know what to expect from start to finish

Spray Foam Removal Using The Latest Dry Ice Machines To Complete Your Project Perfectly

A national spray foam removal company based in Hampshire with satellite offices in Berkshire and Surrey we specialise in National roof and loft spray foam removal services you can be proud of.

Are you struggling to sell your property?

Most lenders won’t offer mortgages on a home that has spray foam insulation installed in your loft or may even downgrade the price of your property which is why we REMOVE ALL of it.

The reason for this is down to the fact that there is possible damage to the timbers (that the eyes can’t see) that support the roof structure making the property a hazard. Any potential damage is concealed from inspection by the spray foam coating you have in place so by removing the spray foam the inspector can see any possible damage and what is needed to repair it.

Spray foam can also increase the development of deterioration in roofing timbers so it is best to get a professional spray foam removal company to remove it.

Please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team if you have any concerns about your loft, and one of our roofing specialists will be available to provide friendly and expert guidance.

A FREE Onsite Spray Foam Removal Survey For Your Complete Peace Of Mind 

We offer a completely FREE inspection or survey for your complete peace of mind. We have repeatedly removed spray foam both open and closed cells with success from any type of property.

We do this whilst ensuring that nothing else is affected negatively and will advise on anything else that we find (if we do). All work is then approved by professional surveyors in advance of the home’s sale or re-mortgage for your complete peace of mind.

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Reliable Roof Spray Foam Removal

We use the most modern and advanced dry ice blast machines to remove your spray foam quickly and efficiently meaning we don’t burden you for longer than we have to. 

Providing the best cleaning results for spray foam removal and leaving everything mess free so you don’t have a huge tidy up job afterwards either.

Instead of the conventional method of scraping, dry ice blasting destroys foam by thermal shock, eliminating spray foam insulation in big chunks making it quicker and less messy than some of the older traditional methods.

Dry ice blasting, compared to other methods, removes more foam and saves time by up to 80% when used to remove spray foam insulation. Want to know more? Why not call Free on 0800 303 2040 to book your FREE survey today. 

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IF YOU HAVE MORTGAGE issues that you need resolved Let Dream Roof HELP solve them Today.

Most mortgage lenders won’t make a loan against a house that has loft insulation made of spray foam or may even downgrade the value of your property and sometimes by 5 figures. This is due to the fact that once applied, any damage is invisible and might affect the timbers. We offer an efficient, friendly and professional service to remove spray foam insulation from any type of roof so that your property can be sold without a hitch.

We don’t work for you, we work with you to get you through what can be a very stressful problem, and the work is done quickly and professionally to give you peace of mind. Costs a worry? We keep a close eye on our competition and ensure that our prices are very attractive. Call FREE today on 0800 303 2040 to book your FREE survey or to find out more. 

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On the third of May 2021 the BBC programme “Rip off Britain” investigated the green roofing schemes that have fallen foul of the mortgage providers when owners come to sell up.  Dream Roof was set up to ensure that we can advise our customers to correctly and ensure they didn’t have to deal with issues now or later on. 

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Trying It Yourself? 

Are you thinking of trying spray foam removal yourself? Messy, a lot harder than it looks and also very labour intensive means it will be a lot more difficult than you may have imagined. Our expert team have spent years refining the art of removing spray foam insulation using hand tools (where necessary) and dry ice blasting machines which means we will get the project completed quickly, and also ensuring we clean up after ourselves too. We have know what it takes to remove all of the spray foam that is required to ensure your property sale can progress without further interruption. 

How Much Does Removal Cost?

Did you know that there are 2 types of spray foam? Closed cell and open cell and the difference between the 2 is weight, density and how breathable the type of spray foam used is. Costs come down to so many factors including the size of your roof, your location, the access to your loft or attic, and finally the thickness of the spray foam insulation used. With all of these factors playing a part it is hard to put a figure on the cost of spray foam removal but why not call our professional and friendly team today on FREEPHONE 0800 303 2040 to book your free quotation. 

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